Benefits of Little League Sports

Every year children across the city look forward to the change in seasons so that they can participate in a new sport.  What better way to keep your child away from their electronic devices.  Little league sports gives them an opportunity to explore, learn about themselves, build confidence, learn to play as a team, make friends that last a lifetime, and most importantly, exercise.

Here are a few benefits to playing little league sports:

Confidence: What better way to build confidence in a child.  Learning a new skill and practicing over and over again until it is second nature to them.  They become confident in their abilities.

Exercise: It is no secret that children nowadays are stuck to their ipads or television screens.  Team sports provide children an opportunity to enjoy exercising while playing soccer, football, baseball, basketball or any other sport.

Social Skills: Little league sports create a team environment, where children can learn social skills.  Communication is the only way they can play as a team.  Learning their role within the team is important.

Winning and Losing: Participating in team sports gives children the opportunity to gain an understanding of both winning and losing.  Learning to do both is a valuable lesson.

Respect: In team sports, children learn to respect coaches, referees, umpires, and peers.  In turn, they learn to be disciplined.

Family Involvement: Your child is not the only one who will benefit from participation in team sports. Parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters can all be part of a child’s practices and games.  Volunteers are always needed by the coaches. What better way to help a child learn various skills than by assisting in their development.


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