Making Cheerleading Safe

Below are some tips compiled to reduce cheerleader injuries at all levels:

Knowledgeable Coaches: Make sure your coaches are certified in first aid and CPR.

Conditioning: Physically prepare and maintain your body’s strength, flexibility, and stamina for stunting and tumbling. Strengthen your core muscles along with the upper and lower body.  Be sure to include aerobic, strength, and endurance exercises.

Stretching: Stretch before and after every practice or competition.

Flooring: Use padded flooring until your routines are perfected. Be sure the mats are thick enough to prevent injuries.  If outdoor facilities are used, don’t assume the fields are safe.  Inspect area for any possible safety hazards.

Spotting: Have trained spotters present at all times.

Limits: Be aware of your ability level and do not attempt advanced level gymnastic or stunting skills before mastering less advanced skills.

Injuries: Promptly attend to any injuries you sustain no matter how minor you feel it is.

Emergency Plan: There should be an emergency plan in case of severe injury.  Know where nearest clinic or hospital is whenever there is practice.



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