Safety First

The leadership of the Gulf Coast Bulldogs Little League Football, Cheer & Drill organization considers the safety of all participants the number one priority. This applies to any Gulf Coast Bulldogs activity. If an unsafe condition or hazard exist, any Board Member of Coach should be made aware of so they may address the issue. Below you will find general information as it relates to our safety program.

Responsibilities of Coaches:

1. The head coach for each team shall ensure the field or venue is safe for athletes.
2. If an unsafe condition or hazard is found, address the issue immediately. If it cannot be resolved, contact President or Athletic Director immediately.
3. A first Aid Kit should be readily available onsite.
4. If a child is injured and is in need of medical attention, a parent or guardian must be contacted immediately. There is no exception to this rule.
5. During practices and games, participants must take adequate water breaks to ensure children are hydrated.
6. If a coach needs to step away from their team during a practice or game, an adult must be present. At no time should children be let without supervision by an adult.
7. Children shall not climb any fences at anytime.
8. No tobacco products shall be used during practice or games.
9. Bullying shall not be allowed by children.
10. If raining, children shall not play if there is lightning, thunder, or severe weather.

Responsibilities of Parents:

1. Parents should notify coaches if your child is injured or is in need of medical attention.
2. If a child has a contagious illness such as the flu, do not have that child come to practice or game until he or she is cured.
3. At no time shall children be allowed to play in parking lots or streets at practice fields or game facilities.
4. Children should wear proper equipment, attire, and shoes that fit during practices and games.
5. No jewelry shall be worn by children.
6. If a child requires glasses, proper precautions must be taken to ensure glasses will not break or fall off.